Sheffield Pregnancy Counselling Support

Free, confidential
counselling service for unplanned
pregnancy and pregnancy loss in Sheffield.

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We are now offering face to face counselling again within safety guidelines. All clients will have the choice of face to face or online counselling subject to counsellor availability

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Who are we?

Sheffield Pregnancy Counselling Support is an established service in the city run by a group of trained volunteers. We advocate the need for women and their partners to be given time to consider all the emotions and options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy and to be given unbiased information about their choice. We also offer counselling and support for people who have experienced pregnancy loss. SPCS is not an abortion provider and does not make referrals to any abortion providers.

Our vision is to reach the men and women in the city of Sheffield and surrounding area who need our services. We aim to have an excellent reputation amongst the general public and with other professionals.

Unplanned Pregnancy

We provide a counselling service to help you explore your feelings and options. We provide information on:

Abortion: what’s involved and the support available after.

Adoption: what will happen before and after and the support you can receive.

Becoming a parent: what to expect and how to access ongoing support.


Some people may experience a sense of loss and feelings of anger, guilt, regret or emotional numbness. These can be symptoms of post abortion stress. They may come up immediately after an abortion or many years later. We provide a confidential counselling service to help you work through your feelings.

Miscarriages and Stillbirths

Loss through miscarriage or stillbirth can also raise feelings of anger, guilt and emotional numbness. It can be a complex and difficult grief process. Our counselling service offers support to walk alongside you on your grief journey as you begin to process your feelings.

Our ethos

All SPCS volunteers have a Christian faith, which inspires and motivates them to extend compassion to people affected by crisis pregnancy and pregnancy loss. We uphold the value of life, both the life of the unborn child and the lives of the mother and father.
In addition we uphold the individual’s God-given free will to make choices without pressure or manipulation. We aim to offer a non-judgemental, informative and supportive response.

What we offer

Helpline and e-mail
Checked daily and responded to within 24 hours

Face-to-face counselling
One-off sessions and longer term counselling for unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss

On-line counselling
Due to the pandemic we have switched to on-line counselling but this service will continue for those clients who prefer it in the future. (This service is strictly limited to clients in the UK only)



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All our counsellors are volunteers so all funds raised go towards paying for counselling rooms and training new volunteers so that we can help more women and men in need of support.

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Sheffield Pregnancy Counselling Support
Free, confidential
counselling service for unplanned
pregnancy and pregnancy loss.

Phone or email us to book an appointment

07941 685 548